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10 Wks ,4 Days On Accutane



I have slacked off on Posting.

4 week checkup I was doing better. Face was awesomely 100% clear with alot of peeling.

Dr. increased my dosage from 40 mg to 60 mg(2 pills).

I tried to take the 2 pills, 1 in am, 1 in pm, but tended to forget alot, so the majority of the time I was doing 30 mg/day.

1st week of December - about 5 weeks in : My chest was completely clear. I can finally wear low-cut tops. Which I really haven't done since it is cold and I don't own many due to my chest acne problem.

12/27 I went for my 2nd month checkup. My back is so smooth, oil-free and almost bump-free. The only little bumps are right below my neck. I tell the Dr that I think it's due to my shampoo/conditioner because I have very course hair and require rich and creamy hair products.

I could not be happier with the results.

Today I do have a small bump(scab) on my chin area. I rarely wear foundation on my face anymore. Just put sunblock on. My pores are visibly smaller, and my face is oil-free. It's amazing. I wish it would stay like this forever.

Side effects:

Thanksgiving weekend: Road trip brought to light joint pain. Extreme stiffness due to hours of driving. I was waddling after sitting for 5 hrs of the 9 hr drive. It went away.

- I also noticed my right eye feeling funny. After weeks of struggling with it I finally went to an eye dr who said it was extremely dry. I've never had this problem and I don't wear contacts. I now use artificial tears on both my eyes and that has helped.

1st week of December : Joint pain on my feet (achilles) began. They still ache whenever I get out of bed or sit for prolonged periods of time.

Both checkups have shown my cholesterol /triglycerides high. HDL a bit low. I had just binged at a chinese buffet before going to the lab for the December draw.Hmm that was a bad idea.

I have never had abnormal cholesterol so I am now trying to eat better to have a normal cholesterol reading next month. I will also try to fast.

I am 36 yrs old now and I previously took accutane when I was 22. I didn't have the dry eye problem. I don't remember the joint pain either. Cholesterol was also normal for all my checkups back then. Aging at it's best.


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