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Week 1 To Week 4




So I've decided to come on here and chat about my accutane progress, I am driving my family

crazy so thought I'd chat to you guys instead.

So I began the treatment a little over 4 weeks ago, the derm recommended it when I failed to respond to

Doxy, Antibiotics and the usual other treatments. I had never had acne in my life up until about 6 months ago.

I am 25 and this flare up came out of no where, just one side of my face red raw, lumpy, pussy and horrible, my nose

was all distorted and lumpy too.

The doctors didn't actually know what it was it was that bad. I went on a course of Cortisone and Flucloxacillin for about

month which fixed me right up, but the derm said it would probably come back- I was like noooooo, and yeah he was right,

a few weeks late i started getting lumps on the other side of my face so bit the bullet and got the script for accutane.

Week One:

No change, didn't seem to get better or worse. Stocked up on lip balm!

Week Two:

Lips starting to get a tiny but dry, but kept them moisturised so no big deal. No change in acne apart from a whopping lump

coming up on my chin (clear before)

Week Three:

More breakouts of both sides of face. Way more lumps and increased redness. Chin lump massive. Hurts to put on make up but don't really want to leave the house without it.

Week Four:

Still more breakouts, hoping they will stop soon as I do not want my whole face taken over. Has probably doubled since before treatment. Lips ok still.

Finding the cetaphil face wash does little to remove makeup. Any suggestions for a facewash that does this?

Heres hoping that it gets better from here! Suppose to improve in the second month?


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Hey based on your symptoms you might want to ask about pyoderma faciale or rosacea fulminans. It usually presents on the cheeks and nose like this and only in women. Fortunately it usually I lt lasts for a year and with accutane can be shortened so you're on the right path. Though you might need to continue on prednisone for a bit. There's lots of medical studies on treatments for it. Good luck!

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the first derm actually said that it was rosacea and put me on doxy for 6 months, but when i got a second opinion they ruled that out for some reason and said it was acne. I don't know, its driving me crazy!

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Very odd indeed. Did you come off of birth control recently or had sudden stress, pregnancy or anything that could mess with your hormones?

Accutane this early in treatment will hopefully prevet you from getting permanent scarring. I have this as i didn't treat my acne early enough. Keep your head up and know that it will get better soon.

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