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Debating Accutane



So I'm having conflicts with myself on whether or not to go on Accutane. I was sick this week so I went on azithromiacin (sorry that's probably not spelled right) and my skin cleared up quiet a bit but I still have six cysts on my face! I've heard of some people being prescribed this antibiotic for acne and I'm wondering if I should just ask my dermatologist what he thinks and maybe try that for a while? But I also know that if I go on Accutane there's a pretty good chance it will clear up my acne and maybe for good. So please tell me what you think!

Also have any of you gone another medication for acne while on Accutane to prevent the initial breakout? I've read that some people have and I was wondering if it worked for you and if I should also ask my dermatologist about this? Thanks!!


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Accutane for many people is usually the last resort when other methods such as topical creams/gels and antibiotics didn't work.

People can go on antibiotics when starting accutane to the lessen the initial breakout. Its different with each derm.

If your unsure about taking it then speak to your derm about other options depending on the type of acne you have. Antibiotics only work whilst your on then and you will eventually become immune to them and they will stop working - i.e. there not a long term solution.

Most common treatments people do to control their acne till they grow out of it if they are lucky is :

- topicals that contain BP and retinoids like retin a and differin

- diet changes removing gluten and diary and adding in supplements like vit a, d etc

- hormonal meds like spiro and birth control

hope that helps

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I've tried about 3 other antibiotics to help with acne but I think your right and since my body will grow immune to it I will just go along with Accutane and ask about medicines I can take with it! Thanks!

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I recommend Amoxil and Keflex. I have used both for two years and the bacteria still offer no resistance. Good luck!

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I've already tried them! Sadly it didn't work for me! I'm also allergic to amoxicillin! Igot horrible hives from it! But thank you! And I'm happy they worked for you!

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