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Touching Your Face



This is probably the BIGGEST problem I have and seriously need to get over. I really have no clue how to do this but my acne always gets and looks worse whenever I pick or touch my skin. I know it's really gross and I need to stop this bad habit! Some people say to keep busy, wear gloves, paint you nails, any others?

Also I need to stop letting my hair go in my face! I have side bangs ( that help cover my acne) but its obviously not good for my skin to have my hair on it.

Also use Retin-A micro 0.1% on my face last night because I couldn't stand around and do nothing while waiting to go on Accutane. And it didn't dry out my skin but it did somewhat dry up the pimples.


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Have you tried hypnosis? I have a really bad picking habbit so gave it a go, and it does help to an extent. It helps your mind overcome the urge to pick. I find its not a perminant solution but it does help for a couple of days.

You can download the audio from a few places online, just listen to it every couple of days :)

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Try sleeping on your back with your hair up or putting some money in a jar whenever you pick/touch your skin to try and break the habit!

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I know I really should sleep on my back! It's so bad for your skin to be touching your pillow every night! I always sleep on my side though! That's another habit I need to break! Thanks for the advice!

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