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Tried So Much



I have tried so much the past year. I have never had perfect skin, but the last year has been crazy. My face started out with a small knot that oozed green stuff and every week since then my face has exploded in horrible, painful acne. I guess it is acne; i wander sometimes. I have been on every antibiotic, vitamins, liver detox, and have tried pretty much every cream or topical ointment the dermatologist would prescribe. I am starting Accutane in 5 days, and I am hopeful because it did help my mother and sister. For some reason, I think that there is something more going on with my face than just acne. Has anyone experienced similar acne like mine from my pic's? Mine has come on so sudden and only seems to get worse. I have even tried just doing nothing for awhile. Sometimes I will have a day where I am hopeful and then the next day, ten more knots appear on my face. This is just so frustrating! I use to be such a social person and now alls I want to do is stay home. The doctors do not seem to understand.

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This looks alot like my Acne from about 13 months ago, same skin texture and same colour of the marks.

I wouldn't say my skin was cured (seems to have changed type of Acne if anything) but what I found helpful was looking at my diet, doing what everyone suggests - no wheat etc and regular Microdermabrasion treatments. The microderm in no way cured me, but it did help the scars/pigmentation and so left my skin looking alot more even.

You could try light treatment if the Accutane doesn't work, but I think you'll be happy with the Accutane results, alot of people seem to be

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