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3 Month Mark



So I haven't made an entry in a long, long time because I've been so caught up with a lot. BUT...I'm finally just about at the 12 month mark and I'm so happy with my skin. It's soo much better than is was 3 months ago. I'm still breaking out a little, and it is frustrating, but there has been significant progress. Unfortunately, like most acne sufferers, I have to deal with what other than scarring. I don't have much pitting (only a few minor dents) but I have really stubborn hyper pigmentation I've been exfoliating in hopes of fading some of it. The thing is with my skin is that even the smallest pimple will leave a dark red mark on my face for months, I hate it. I wish I could just have a pimple and then forget about the damned thing when it goes down. Well at least I'm not breaking out like hell anymore. I'm looking forward to the next few months! Hopefully I'll stay clear and my scarring will fade by summer. It'll feel so great to be able to go out without makeup. Plus it'll make getting ready so much quicker. Good luck to anyone reading this that is waiting to see results from Tazorac. If you are, TRUST me when I say you have to stick it out through all the dryness and peeling and burning and just general hell. If you feel the same way about your acne as I do about mine, then it is 100% worth it.


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