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Sigh Of Relief



****Really hope i don't jinx myself with this**** lol

Potential cyst=gone?

ya so i think the cyst that i saw forming is gone now or has gone back down into my skin?? I dont know whats going on but i have not touched the area AT ALL since i noticed it coming up (other than to put makeup on and im realllyyy gentle) and i even was soo paranoid that i have only slept on my left side for the past like 3 nights because i dont want to sleep on my right cheek and risk irritating the cyst area, and i feel like it lets it drain back down into my skin or something lol.....so my neck really hurts from sleeping the same way all night lol. ALSO i went skiing today and i thought for sure my goggles rubbing against my cheek would cause it to come up but nope, totally flat still and no outline there anymore so yay?? still gonna be really careful for a while tho. I also think maybe my cheek was a little inflamed because i used bp on it the night before it came up and bp sometimes gives me a rash and swells my skin so maybe that caused it too i donno either way im glad im getting a second chance here to be extra careful with it.


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