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A Summer of Tane

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Week 2



So I'm late again, a couple of days this time, but I have decent excuse as i was away...

Not a huge amount of change this week. Oil is slowly starting to decrease, especially on my forehead (Mostly have an oily t-section) I can moisturize my face in the morning and not feel like I need to blot my face after a couple of hours. My lips are definitely starting to dry out, if they go an hour without something being put on them, using paw paw and carmex right now, they start to feel and look dry, moreso in the part where the lip and upper lip skin meet. I also had some weird skin rash, might have been eczema form the dryness but I'm not sure cause I've never had anything like it before, I caught it early and started to moisturize my arms and hands and its since settled and is going away.

I did however miss a pill this week, had a quick moment of panic and OHNO! but quickly calmed down after a Google search and realizing its not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

The only other side effect I have and have mentioned before is my face being red, tane-burn. I'm fairly confident its not sunburn now because it hasnt acted like sunburn does by becoming darker and peeling. Depending on the light it can range from pretty red and making me look sunburned/blushing to just having a mild pinkness to my skin, a couple people have brought it up so it is noticeable. I'm going to look for a way to reduce it, emu oil is first on my hit list and maybe some 'redness reducing' moisturizers later, but for the time being i can just deal with it and say I was in the sun too long. I am taking extra care to put spf on my face now though.

Breakout wise I had a couple of pimples near my left forehead/temple. I haven't really had a pimple in this area for the best part of 3 months but one was small and the other dried up pretty fast and is now healing.


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