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Accutane Day 115



Hello everyone figured i'd start a blog now...i know i'm a little further into my treatment but i'm still breaking out. So i decided i'm going to start a blog to help others and to get some support. As those of you who are like me, acne is a huge struggle in your life. Especially since i'm 28 and never had acne before. It's really taken a toll on my self-esteem.

So this is how it's been so far:

September 4, 2012: Start 20 mg

October: 40 mg

November: 60 mg

December: 80 mg

I believe my derm will keep me on 80 mg for the rest of my course..which he hasn't even told me how long it will last lol

Anyways if anyone wants to comment, offer advice, tips, etc. anything at all...I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Here's some pics...

first is from 2 months prior accutane

second is now..not as much acne but scarring i guess




Recommended Comments

Big improvement! It is not unusual to break out when you up your dose so that is probably why you're still experiencing pimples at this point. Some people don't stop breaking out till the end of their courses so.....

Bottom line is that there is noticeable improvement and the marks should fade away with time

Good Luck

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Hi Sasch83! Thank you for commenting! Means a lot. I'm looking forward to you being right and no more breakouts soon. What is your story like? Nice flawless skin now i hope?! Thanks again.

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hi there! i am 26 and also on accutane. jan 14th i start my 5th month. (i'm only supposed to be on for 5 months). i am also still breaking out. usually during my period, which is now. i have a feeling i will be on this longer than 5 months because of this. who knows though! hang in there!

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Hey whatthekell! Thanks for your input! I feel for you :) how's your skin looking now? I poked through your blogs a bit...do you have picture updates? We are our worst critics obviously but sometimes it helps for others to see where you started and where you're at now to know if there's a difference. Thanks for the encouragement..hang in there as well! We're going to win haha

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Anybody have any tips to help healing process while on Accutane? To get rid of these scars and red marks? Any help is welcomed :) thanks everyone

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