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Update: Hopeful



Hello all! Tis time for another update, and I am pleased to report that things seem to be improving here in acnedom. I have no more cysts on my forehead, just like three pustules and four or five tiny tiny bumps. My cheeks are home to like...three zits, but unfortunately it looks like more because of deplorable scarring confused.gif My chin's only zits are two on the left side, which I am currently managing, and two tiny white heads by my lips. So all in all a great improvement over last week, where premenstrual hormones were wreaking havoc upon my face, but I didn't know it because my period is like a ninja, in that I never know when it is going to strike. I had to be off septra for two days because my lovely dermatologist decided not to put an automatic refill on my prescription, and were being extremely slow about calling the pharmacy to fill the prescription. blegh. But I have it now, so everything is all good! Beyond my regular regimen (see previous post) there are few products I have liked: Desert Essence daily moisturizer with aloe and jojoba oil...really takes the redness away from spots, putting isopropyl alcohol on popped zits, really dries em up fast and gets rid of infection, and Aztec secret clay! Annnddd freebie tip for the day: If you want shiny, soft, healthy hair do this mask once a week: mix greek yogurt, honey, and one egg white, and apply it to damp hair, put in a towel turban for an hour, then shower as usual rolleyes.gif Have a great week you guys!


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