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My Cure: Zinc Oxide



zinc oxide is really good for acne. you can buy it in sudocrem and its in diaper rash cream. its basically like a secret acne remedy. it was shown to be as effective as bp over a two month period but didn't cause the redness and dryness. also the american dermatology association said that it decreases the production of sebum and speeds up the healing process by decreasing inflammation. it truly is a cure if there is one. you can find it all over google if you just google zinc oxide acne. there are countless forums or people talking about how great it works and even how you see results in one night. i personally started using it 3 nights ago and i have to say i am very impressed. all my spots dried out, the redness is down 90% and i actually am happy with my face for the first time in about half a year. this feels great and i wanted to share it with you all. best part about it is that its dirt cheap. surprised.gif i'm so happy i found this and i look forward to using it!!! smile.png


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