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Caveman / Water-Only Update 8



Finals are now done, and overall my skin is doing better. It freaked out a bit during finals but with more sleep and getting back into exercise I am feeling better about myself.

My routine still consists of water-only. I shower usually once a day and will rinse at the end of my shower (one or two splashes max and then pat dry). I've also stopped using a washcloth as a means of washing or wet exfoliation, but now use it a few times a week or as needed to dry-brush/exfoliate the skin. I will do this before showering or when doing to bed so that my skin has more oil on it to help with the exfoliation process (it does work post-shower but it's harder to exfoliate in my experience). I just rub the cloth over my skin for a few minutes where needed until I no longer see flakes. I have some scabbing on my one cheek though so that cheek is a bit flaky still and will just need some more time, but overall this is helping my skin tremendously. I still don't use any products other than makeup remover for my eyes and lip balm, but I do think that I'm going to include a lotion for my eyes to use on days that I've worn makeup so that I can ensure that my skin doesn't become dehydrated there. But otherwise still loving my simple routine!

So overall updates:

1) Red marks keep fading, and I think exfoliating helps.

2) scabbing on left cheek from picking at my skin :( I was quite stressed during finals, hopefully this won't happen again! But it's clearing up and getting better so it doesn't actually look THAT bad. Especially compared to even just a few days ago.

3) Minimal to no clogging overall. Quite nice :)

4) My scarring seems more filled out, but definitely still there.

5) Minimal dehydration, exfoliating is really helping with this

6) Almost no flaking, again because of exfoliating. I don't know that I'll need to do it as often in the summer since our summers aren't THAT dry, but in the winter it's a combination of harsh cold air and dry heating inside, so... yay!

7) I have one little zit-like whitehead on my chin. That's about it for anything actually active.

Also as a side-note, I was water-only for my hair for a good while now but I've decided to stop that. It's been a few weeks or less and I'm still trying to figure it out, but I basically am doing cowashing (conditioner in place of shampoo, used in the same basic way but more massaging). I found that I really can't do it often because my scalp really doesn't seem to be dirty - probably as a result of being water-only for so long, my scalp doesn't get really oily anymore once initial build-up is removed. in between cowashes I will still be water-only. So I will probably wash once or twice a month max, brush once a week or less, and condition with a separate conditioner only after cowashes. No shampoo either. I haven't quite figured out which conditioner to use as a cowash but I think I'm going to just use my old pricier one and water it down to a 1:1 ratio of conditioner to water, since I know that that one works well on my hair when I don't over-use it. Not skin related but thought I'd throw that in there!


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