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Day 60 On Spironolactone - Month 2 Is Over! Time Flies!



Well that last post was quite a doozy. Thankfully my skin took a turn for the better after that.... The areas I was freaking out about on my chin are completely GONE now! I think I overreact a bit when I see something forming because of how bad my cysts were before I started spiro, and I'm so scared that it will revert back to that. But finishing month 2, I can honestly say this is the most confident I've been regarding my skin in a long long time! Still have lots of red marks and "scars" that will most likely fade other time, but I have no huge breakouts at all right now! And even more amazing, I have nothing brewing "under my skin" --- for anyone that has had cystic acne or those deep painful kind of breakouts, you know what I mean smile.png

Before I started spiro there was always at least one, if not two or more, spots on my chin or jawline that were just hanging out deep under my skin, ready to surface. The best feeling is when I wash my face in the morning and my skin feels completely smooth!! Granted, I still get a few clogged pores here and there, probably thanks to my makeup, but I try to do a good job of keeping my face clean and use a tretinoin cream at night to keep them clear. The major win for me is that my cysts are gone! I'll take a clogged pore or even a "regular" little pimple any day over those massive bumps. Feeling really positive about what the next month will bring, since both my derm and my primary care doctor both say the third month is when the full effects of spiro really kick in, once your body has fully adjusted to the treatment.

Side effects are minimal, no more dizziness, although I do notice I can't drink as much as I used to. That probably sounds funny, but seriously if I have one glass of wine I feel like I just took a drowsy benadryl. Oh well, not too big of an issue since alcohol isn't exactly an antioxidant and wasn't doing my skin any favors anyway wink.png

Also, I've lost almost 10 lbs since starting spiro, which is CRAZY since I haven't changed a thing other than taking that pill. No extra exercise, no change in diet. I think it's mostly water weight.


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