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Day 5

i hope this works


Today is day 5, although, because I take my pills with dinner I haven't yet taken my fifth pill. I did not have an initial break out but I didn't expect to. I've been on Clindoxyl for two months it completely cleared me up. I am still using it but will stop if my face gets too dry.

I still have oily skin, no dryness yet. My lips are a bit dry (they were yesterday too) but I can't tell if that is the Clarus because it's pretty normal for winter here in Ontario to be very dry. But once again, no dry skin or any other side effects yet. I've been trying to search other people's blogs for answers to when the dryness typically starts.

There are a few symptoms I've noticed but I'm not sure if I can attribute it to the Clarus. I've had a few mild headaches and the first night I took a pill I had nightmares but that could also have been from my anxiety about starting the treatment.

I usually wash my face in the evening with baking soda because I like the exfoliating properties of it. Last night I did it but my face felt very sensitive after, kind of red and sore so I probably will stop using it now.


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