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Before Treatment.--With Pictures..



I'm new to this guys and honestly i have no idea what i'm doing. Please feel free to comment or whatever. Help me out. eusa_pray.gif

  • washed face
  • waited 10 minutes
  • distributed pea sized amount of treatment to sides of my face and on pimples. (forgot to wash hands, oops.)
  • waited 10 minutes
  • washed hands
  • got like 1 1/2 pumps of moisturizer and mixed with 5 drops of jojoba oil. (ended up moisturizing my bathroom wall as well. Ha, it pumps out fast...)

These pictures are taken without flash. I'd say about half of the redness are pure scars, and half is acne.blogentry-191183-0-18158100-1355799145_tblogentry-191183-0-35728800-1355799146_tblogentry-191183-0-53267400-1355799147_t


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From my experience when I was on the regimen:

  • Start slow like you are, build up to the two pumps and dont rush or mess too much by adding new things (I tried to add AHA too early)
  • It'll probably get worse before it gets better as your skin adjusts, you'll continue to break out, get dry, maybe a little red but give it a decent amount of time to work
  • Find what works for you, I found that I didn't really need to wait 10 minutes between cleansing and treatment (5 was enough) however I did need to wait 10 between treatment and moisturizer and sometimes more it just depended on how long it took the treatment to dry.

And yeah those pumps are deceptive, I still have the occasional misfire and end up with AHA/moisturizer (only things i still use) on my forearm, pants, sink, floor...

Good luck and you'll probably get more replies to specific questions on the forums or even be able to find the answers there, pretty much any question I had starting out I found in the stickies, logs or with the help of google.

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Thank you!! I'm nervous about getting super flaky skin.. But when do you suggest bumping up the BP? Right now I'm doing a pea sized once a day. Maybe next week a pea size twice a day?

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