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Week 51(?)



Hello! Just wanted to check in with how I am doing, and what my routine is! Things have gotten AMAZINGLY better. After moving for college, I realized that the type of water I was constantly using directly affected my skin. I am using distilled water to wash my face now, and there has been a huge improvement.

Every night:

  • Wash face with Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser w/ a drop or two of jojoba oil. Wash very gently for just a few seconds
  • Use a small amount of BP on active spots. Haven't had to use a lot of BP anymore.
  • Apply lemon juice to dark spots on cheeks
  • Apply a small amount of Paula's choice BHA to non-inflammed acne spots. On outside edges of face, down cheeks, hairline.
  • Moisturize with 1 pump of acne.org AHA+ with several drops of jojoba oil.


    • Wash face with cleanser and jojoba oil, under ten seconds.
    • Moisturize with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin moisturizer

    And that's it! I have been up and down the past few months, but good, gentle water has helped a ton! Clearly my skin is very senstive, so using clean water makes sense!


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