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So i have been using differin for 5 days now and my face is definitely worse! The first time I used differin my face didn't start breaking out until the third week of using it. I also have exams right now, so that's probably not helping either. I've been getting really big pustules all over my face, mainly on the sides, jaw and chin area. My face is also a little dry which I knew would start happening. My old acne marks also seem to be a lot more pronounced and red. I'm still only using a washcloth with water, which could also be making me break out. I'm thinking about starting on a new gentle face wash, but I'm just not sure which one! Are there any all natural brands? I want to stay away from anything that would contribute to drying my face out!

It hasn't even been a week yet, so I'm still hopeful that it will help me. Trying not to pick at my face has been difficult and I'm also not trying to have a complete meltdown because of how bad my face is getting. Neither will help my acne and will definitely make it worse. I've heard that you have to give it 8 to 12 weeks for it to start improving and I'm willing to stick with it until then! I just hope I don't lose my mind!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up for Tuesday :)


Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser , you can't find a more gentle cleanser than this one for real!

Differin does that in the first weeks but then your marks will fade faster than usual as for the acne , Differin takes some time to work.

Good luck!

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I was already using CeraVe cream cleanser when my dermatologist recommended I switch to the foaming cleanser. I am big on natural products too, and I resisted switching to CeraVe to begin with, but I'm not regretting it now. I was really worried about it being drying, but it is fantastic. If you don't have something to kill the bacteria, you should at least be cleansing your face if you want to avoid an initial breakout.

Good luck!

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for a natural brand , try something by michael todd's organic skincare! I just bought a whole new skincare regimen from that line and so far it's going pretty well :>

a cheaper route is trying witch hazel, that stuff really helped clear my skin when it was at its worst!

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