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Day One



So today I started accutane. 40mg a day for the first month and likely 60mg after that for the rest of my course. (74kg's)

If we're being technical this is actually sort of day two, as I took one tablet (20mg) yesterday to gauge my body's reaction over 24 hours before starting my prescribed dosage, but I'm going to count today as day one.

I never thought my acne would be bad enough for me to ever have to take accutane, and to be honest it probably isn't even now, but after alot of consideration and nothing else working its come to this. I'm haven't 'grown out' of my acne like i thought i would have by now (I'm approaching my mid twenties) and my acne is starting to cause minor scars and PIH because i generally break out in the same areas repeatedly.

I am apprehensive, the minor things I can handle, dryness everywhere, muscle and joint soreness but its the possible severe and long term side effects that worry me.

Short acne info for those who haven't read any of my other blogs before:

Mild acne since teenager, used SA and BP to control it (Clearasil, Proactive, Regimen)

A year ago allergic reaction to BP so had to stop

Experimented for a couple of months with home remedies but skin started to break out more and scar around Feb this year

Went to Derm on 4th of July, given Bactrim for 5 months, minimal improvement

Ummm'd and aaah's over taking accutane

Here we are

I'll update this likely on a fortnightly or so basis but I'm also starting a log which I'll update more often with littler things that come up.


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