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Im Getting Annoyed.



I need to express my feelings. I keep most of the shit inside so my only ways of expressing is by writing in my diary or typing.

I seem to be getting really annoyed. Recently, I have been researching like a mad woman, honestly. Ive been reaserching endlessley ENDLESSLEY about how the gut affects our digestive system and how THAT affects our skin and acne. Honestly there is so so so much information on this site and on other sites about it, I would actually encourage and infact advise everyone on here to look into that, and actually make sure your digestion tract is working efficiently.

So, with that, the reason Im annoyed right now is because I had just finished reading apost about a young girl who's dermatologist had her on anti-biotics. Shes 17. (I was on anti-biotics when I was 13-14). But because she has become immune they now want her to try birth control pills. I stopped reading there. I actually can't handle it anymore that all they seem to do is throw pills to everything, EVERYTHING. Its just got me all angry, I mean why don't they take some blood tests and see if her hormones are alright first, why don't they do some allergy testing to see if they can rule out potential allergens/food intolerences? Im gutted, totally gutted about it.

Im not trying to DISS anyone that has took these things (I have took both in my life) or tell them what to do exactly, Im just expressing my opinion in this shit. I strongly believe that acne is a kind of hormonal thing which can be cured, sometimes compeltely with diet and a healthy lifestyle. I do. Obviously it is hard though and much easier to take a pill. In ways though it is laziness, isn't it? Laziness that we can't research it on our own and try our bests ourselves first. Maybe its just the way I am, I am a very "depend-on-myself" person, always have been do I prefer to "heal" myself so-to-speak. Id rather heal myself.

After Christmas I am doing a cleanse, it will only last for about a week, it is to rid my digestive system with toxins and get it working efficiently again. I will then carry on with my diet but with pro-biotics too and take this seriously. I have a plan but first I need to find the right cleanse.


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There are a number of great intestinal cleanses out there, just be warned... I regularly do digestive cleanses because it helps me manage my IBS. Everytime I do a cleanse, I get a MASSIVE cystic breakout.

Now, doing the cleanse is wonderful and the only way to manage the inflammation and mucous produced in the gut, but it does affect my face.

I was able to minimize it with cinnamon supplements, clean eating, no grains or dairy, and NO caffiene or sugar since all of these things increase intestinal mucous, but there are still 5-10 cysts that pop up for each cleanse.

I am starting spiro and using differin and my next cleanse isn't until January, so I guess I have to wait and see if the meds help minimize the cysts, but just be warned that it is not always diet, it often is hormonal, so unless you eliminate all hormone containing or hormone pre-cursor ingredients in the diet, some type of hormonal medication will be required.

Good luck finding a good cleanse, make sure you follow directions EXACTLY. I get mine from my holistic gastroenterologist, and I love it. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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I definitely see your view point but i caution that you should go into this process not expecting it to be the thing that will magically cure your acne. While i am not a fan of of birth control, antibiotics or even accutance (which i am on). At some point people have to decide for themselves when enough is enough when it comes to trying different 'natural' experiments to cure their acne. I have given almost a year of my life to the natural way and i have now embraced a healthier way of wating but you know what,i developed a fear of food, an obsession with my skin and worsening depression. If you haven't tried healing your acne naturally, by all means, go for it but if it doesn't end up working, it doesn't make you a bad person to look elsewhere. It doesn't have to be one extreme or the next.

Good Luck!

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I really appreciate both of your responses

JWaltersRN - Im sorry to hear that you break out after the cleanses, what type of cleanses do you do? Also, how are finding Differin? I am using that too, Im on my 7th week of it. And yes I know that hormonal influences can totally cause problems with the skin, I do genuienly think mines is hormonal but Im going to focus on being meticulously healthy and support my digestive system and see how it goes. I just find it interesting that the skin is the body's largest organ so the things we eat and consue must have some kind of effect.

Sasch83 - Thankyou for commenting. I know it can be totally frustrating sometimes being "natural" with things. Im just really against anything synthetic right now, I do have the Diannette pill up in my room waiting as a last resort if things don't work out with my plan, Im just hoping that helping my digestive system and eating well will eventually help my skin and help me get out of this horrible depressive hole I am in. How are you finding the Accutane?

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JWaltersRN's post makes sense to me because a lot of cleanses include massive amounts of fruit juice and sugar (i.e. master cleanse) which have high glycemic indexes... linked to hormonal acne. If I was going to do a cleanse, I would look for something that still allows you to eat plenty of fiber and/or protein (lowers the GI) and focuses on vegetables and not just fruit juice or maple sugar (like the Master Cleanse). I've done cleanses before and the one I like best is an entire dietary system from Natural Systems that my college rowing coach recommended to me. It is probably one of the best cleanses out there but is not fun. Message me if you want more information about it. You can get the kits at most health food markets or order them online.

If you want to do something simple, I would just go raw for awhile. Only eat vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and healthy oils. This would be low GI (wont encourage hormonal breakouts) and incredibly healthy. Just an idea. ;)

And beware if you're thinking about doing a fad cleanse like the Master Cleanse. I did it when I was younger and it totally messed up my digestive system. 5 years later and I am still suffering. Be careful and do your research! You don't want to do more harm then good.

And sorry for lecturing you if you're already super familiar with cleanses! Haha, I just always feel like I need to warn people whenever I hear the word "cleanse" thrown around. Best of luck!

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I agree with both the above. My cleanses for my mucous IBS are from my gastroenterologist. They aren't over the counter random snake oil. And it's not the same thing as Miralax, which just puts sugar in the intestines to draw water into stool and make you poop. They are designed to remove the built up, irritating mucous. Often the best cleanse for people without IBS is 3 days (and ONLY 3 days) of raw fruits, and vegetables with TONS AND TONS of water. No fats, no dairy, no breads. Nothing but Raw fruit and vegetables. Keep in mind, the more fruit = more sugar. Sugar is sugar whether its from an orange or a candy cane! Consider keeping it heavier on the vegetables.

When I do this, I don't have breakouts, I always breakout after the GI prescription cleanse.

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