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Accutane Day 54



DAY 54: holy crap, i cant believe im almost finished with my second month. i haven't updated because i have been hella busy with finals and work. well just to follow up from my last post. those two cysts that were under my eye weren't going away any time soon, but i did notice they were flaky in the morning. by the fifth day i was able to insert a needle into them and drain them. the one closest to my eye went away completely and the other one which was the biggest of the two took awhile to completely heal. there's a tiny scar, but ill take care of that when im off of accutane. other than those two spots my skin has been looking great. i love not having to oil blot my face every 30 minutes. all the old acne scars are fading. there are a few under the skin cysts along my jawline, but i only notice them when i touch my face. ahh i can't wait for all this to be over. the side effects are tolerable, but super obnoxious. every morning when i open my mouth, the sides of my mouth crack open. not a pleasant feeling. im always thirsty and my back hurts like a mother. headaches here and there and i have been more aware of my emotions, which help a lot. so in a nutshell my side effects have been and probably will remain are..

headaches here and there

cracked/chapped lips

dry hair (dont have to wash my hair for a week!)

my cuticles are disappearing!!!

dry skin, but not to an extreme flaky mess

back pain

products that im using:

cetaphil gently cleanser

cerave am moisturizer (love this stuff)

head and shoulders itch relief

olive oil conditioner (once a week and only on the ends of my hair)

cocoa butter and coconut oil for body moisturizer

makeup remover clothes for dry and sensitive skin from trader joes (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

for make up ive been using chanel vitalumiere. it doesn't have heavy coverage, but thats okay since my scars are fading anyway. this foundation is amazing!! its so moisturizing and leaves my skin dewy, not oily!! its pricey, but so is accutane. ;)

anyway, i love accutane and it has really boosted my confidence. cheers to another 4 months!!

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I'm on Day 16---I can't wait for Day 54 :)

So far, not many results to report here. My acne has become cystic and I used to very rarely get any cystic pimples. Now I'm getting them on my chin and jawline everyday. I can tolerate thing, as long as it's just the Accutane doing its thing. I hope that this is my initial breakout. Did you have an initial breakout? What kind of acne do you or did you have?

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