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5 Months Bactrim, Start Tane Tomorrow



So I've been on Bactrim for 5 months and just over a week, and I'm close to done with it as i start Tane tomorrow. I say close to done as i will be finishing off what pills I have left and take accutane at the same time, derm approved and even recommended to help with the possible IB.

In short Bactrim didn't really work for me, though this last month my skin has been behaving and I'd even reduced the amount to one tablet a day instead of two. Throughout taking Bactrim I had ups and downs but didn't see any consistent results. In my last blog I was pretty much done with it but was still undecided on taking tane and still had to wait to get my wisdom teeth out before starting anything new.

So tomorrow i start my roaccutane course and honestly I'm still a little uncertain. Earlier this week I even went to another dermatologist for a second opinion and evaluation of the options for my skin. In short she said due to my skins unresponsiveness to other treatments she would have also put me on roaccutane so that was slightly reassuring. She was actually pretty good but somewhat expensive (roughly double my other derm) and seeing as I still have to book my next appointment for my first checkup whilst on accutane I'm undecided on who I'll go see.( I sound somewhat indecisive which I hate, especially for little things, but I see this as a pretty big decision and want/wanted to have as much information as possible before making what I believe would be the best decision for me) Sidenote: I'm starting on 40mg per day as per my original prescription but new derm says she likes to start her patients on 20mg per day.

So this is the end of my Bactrim journey and tomorrow i start my roaccutane one, I'll start a new blog set and probably a log aswell. I cant think of anything else to write really but its late and if i think of anything else I'll update here.


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