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The Regimen: Day 1 (First Impression: Morning)



Followed the direction that was listed when I got the package today in the morning.

Cleanser: I love the face wash. It lather up really good, and feels light on my skin.

Treatment: Used a pea size amount. Right away I can feel my face getting dry. After putting on my moisturizer my skin started to burn. It still does a bit.

Moisturizer: I did not use the moisturizer, but I used Olay Complete SPF 15 moisturizer. I am going to try the moisturizer at night.

Usual Routine: 0.1% Tazorac Gel (2x a day), Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (2x a day), Olay Complete SPF 15 Moisturizer (morning), Indian Aztec Healing Clay (1x a week), Boot Intense Eye cream (evening), Clarisonic Mia (evening).

Skin Condition Before: Severe Acne (Very Oily)

Skin Condition Now: Light Acne (Oily)

Reason for switching: Insurance can't cover 0.1% Tazorac Gel. I cannot afford it. Switching routine.

What I expect from The Regimen: I hope this will replace my treatment, Tazorac, and my cleanser, Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. Also, prevent my cystic acne from popping up.


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