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Second Month On Accutane



Well I am almost finished with my second month of accutane, day 21, and I thought I would update a little.

So I went to the derm and she changed my dosage from 40mg once daily to 30 twice daily(which is kind of annoying because I have to take my anti depressant in the early afternoon, and it's confusing sometimes)

It has been really difficult since I started accutane, my acne hasn't improved at all. It got really bad a few weeks ago, and hasn't died down yet..

It's like, I will have a whole bunch of cysts on one part of my face, and a couple weeks later they will get better but new ones are growing in different spots everyday, they are just moving to new places.

Before I started accutane, my cysts were usually on my cheeks, jawline, chin and around my mouth.

Since accutane they have spread to my temples of my face and my forehead is invaded as well. mad.gif

Before Accutane, I would have days where I wouldn't leave the house because of how bad my skin is, but since, I have almosted stayed home for a month, with an occasional outing to the store or starbucks. But besides that I hide in my room with the lights off. It's so depressing.. and painful unsure.png

I hope that when I finish this month it starts getting better... but I know that for a lot of people it doesn't work until the very end..

UGH.. it just feels as if I've been on it for so long and that it should be affecting me.

So far, my side effects are dry lips, skin, scalp, back aches and headaches..

I get a head ache everyday! cry.gif

And the lips.. omg... I can't take how dry they are anymore... they are just like hard.. no matter how much chapstick I use.. it doesn't affect them..

I have tried, Blistex medicated lip ointment, Dan's Cortibalm and even Jojoba oil... but none seem to make a difference.

Well... this is a very negative blog... cry.gif Sorry.. I will update more when the month is done..

I will post pictures of my acne on my profile

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It's easy to get downhearted. When I started my lush routine, I had a good few months of up and downs. One week my skin would look like it was improving then the following week, a mass breakout again. I think it's a process our skin has to go through before it heals.

Your skin looks similar to how mine was at the beginning.

Good luck,

Kirsty x

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