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Day 245



UGHHH so tired of this. these stupid whiteheads around my mouth WILL NOT GO AWAY. they last for a day or so, pop and leave a red mark, then i get another one or two in the EXACT SAME SPOT. literally, the exact same spot. what would even cause that?

i was reading another thread on here about body dysmorphic disorder. while i don't necessarily think i'm clinically diagnosable, i do think that i have a lot of trouble not thinking about my skin--i think about it a LOT, which i know isn't healthy. i imagine that when people look at me, all they can see are these little red pimples...and that's not true. i believe that something is a problem if it lowers your self esteem, which definitely happens. however, i also believe that you need to have perspective. yes, my skin lowers my self esteem, but it's definitely not disfiguring, grossing other people out, making me completely unattractive, etc. sometimes you need to take a step back, do what you can to fix the problem, but also be aware that it's not as bad as you think it is...it's just so hard when you see people with perfect skin who don't have to do anything complicated to take care of it!


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