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Ready To Start Differin.....again!



So my face is finally settled down from the chemical burn I got from using the mask the other day! My skin is still dry in some areas, but it is so much better! Like I said before I am using a wash cloth and only water in my face and so far it's been great in letting my skin calm down! Now it just feels like its getting a little clogged, so I was thinking of going back on my differin. I was put on it a month or two ago and I really liked it at first! However, I had been using it for about 7 weeks and my skin was in terrible condition! This made me stop using it for a week, thinking that it just wasn't working! I started it again a week later and only stayed on it for a few weeks and the same thing happened again!! I've heard great things about differin and I really want it to work for me! I've also heard it takes a long time to see results. I probably didn't wait it out long enough last time to start seeing improvements! So I think I'm ready to stay committed to it and this is my last attempt using a product before considering accutane! I really don't want to go on accutane, so I hope this works! Now that I have found this website, hopefull it can help me through the rough patches in the first couple weeks! I'm going to keep a weekly log of the progress and hopefully there will be some improvement eventually. Wish me luck! :)


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