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Cyst Size Of An Apple

Liam Foster


So today i woke up to see that the 2 spots on my left cheek which had been going from good to bad back and forth, ended up resulting in a huge and i mean huge cyst which has white puss as white as snow glistering inside. Now rarely ever pop spots because of the scarring i have gotten fro doing it in the past, but this one i simply could not put up with. I have to go out in a few minutes and i couldnt bear it. So to hide the gruesome stuff, it ended up exploding basically. I don't know whats doing this, i really dont. There must be something inside of me as ive said before which is wrong!!! Something making the skin on my face underneath, just create new acne everyday! I wouldnt mind, but they are so red and noticeable!! My back and chest are doing great! Only one tiny spot on my back and on my chest. But my face is a different story. What a life eh! *sigh*


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I started accutane a year ago and finished after 5 months. I have the biggest inflamed pimple ever now on my chin. I haven't had bad breakouts since that but now readjusting to regular acne I don't know why a spot flared up so badly. My skin has been doing decently with 5% bp wash but it cant stop some random spots that just grow no matter what. It really sucks, like it is something in my skin. Hope it gets better! I think some of these things are just hormones or stress or diet, no real answer : (

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I am starting to better evaluate my diet especially dairy. I noticed I decreased it awhile ago and my skin was slightly better. With school and finals I don't take the time to eat better. I am guessing that has led to my chin one which I tried to drain with no luck. I spend so much time looking up remedies and I am still trying to find answers. Always seems to be diet, hormones, and cleansing regime stuff to target. I wish I knew more of a good treatment but I am still figuring my skin out :/

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