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Day One Thousand Six Hundred And Sixty Four. Just Kidding.



It ultimately feels like I've been on Accutane forever. I haven't stopped breaking out. I get the oddest pimples too. Just two days ago arose the most deepest beautiful pimple, actually i'm quite lucky it was on my chin line somewhere I prefer rather than on my cheeks or the "front of my face" so to speak. I cannot explain how much I hate not exfoliating! GRRR. I mean it. What I must say though is the right side of my face (mypointofview) is fighting me to its death. It really is, i'm having the hardest time getting close to completely clearing. I am just recovering from having a cluster of 3 pimples all together. I haven't had that happen to me in a month. Luckily they are small in size so from afar it just looks like 1 pimple, does that make it any better? Idk somehow to me it does, so lets leave it like that. lol

Ive been having trouble sleeping, been taking Nyquil for the night to help me since I keep forgetting to go buy some sleeping pills at my local drugstore.

I'm getting awfully tired of wearing make up but I'm a long ways from not wearing it. Besides the fact I've cleared up pretty well, I still have deep dark red scarring covering my face. I also need to make a trip to the mall to buy some makeup people have been raving about on coverage as far as acne sufferers go and that does not break them out with a fairly decent price. Can I get amen!

Lets see 42 days on Accutane. I think another month and ill be crystal clear. As I said I'm still breaking out.

Now that's all for solely acne stuff, if you are not interested in this lame story please exit now. If you are interested in reading some silly story about a silly girl please continue to read. Just thought Id share. =)

So the other day I felt like a stalker, never felt like a stalker in my entire life the way I did a few days ago. So before I start, let me tell you the bizz beforehand. I had met this guy twice at my work, I liked his physical features but most of all I liked his personality. I mean not that I knew much about him but what he showed me was he was a shy humble guy. I knew he liked me, I could tell and because he came in a second time to buy absolutely nothing. lol Keep in my mind we met when I had clear skin, doxy was still working for me at the time. Then a while ago once when I was out and about during my breakout sesh but had been on meds I thought my face didn’t look that bad to see him. I was totally wrong. I went in the store, said hi to him made some joke, and he was very short responsive. He failed to have any further convo or even past glances at me while I was shopping. I knew then and there it was because of my skin he was just no longer interested. I thought well, that’s that I’m never coming here again this was embarrassing enough. I seriously just walked out without getting anything after realizing that. But oh no, the other day when I was out shopping a stupid idea came to me, to stop by his store again. It was partially because my skin is just dandy right now besides the pimples on my right cheek and because I’ve been feeling alone lately. I walk in and the same ish happens. I say hi, ask if he remembers me, he says yes I then proceed to ask how hes been he gives me some short response like good and then I get called over by the cashier guy. I pay and say goodbye to that guy before I leave. I am officially a stalker for walking in that stupid store for the second time and I’m officially over it as well. At least I got the cutest jacket from there. =)

I now realize how much more pleasant, relaxing and fulfilling it would be if I met someone like me. Someone who knows what its like to have real acne, that have either gone through it or are getting treatment. How romantic would it be if we both went to go see the Derm together? Love at first pimple?! Hahahahahahah

No, but seriously I realize how nice it would be to meet someone with the same problem as I. Well anywho that's my romeo & juliet story for this blog entry. Oh I forgot....

Ummm, I bought the cute jacket and lived happily ever after with it.

the end.


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I do know accutane works differently on every body. Mine cleared by month 3 but I was hardly on it til 5 months due to the side effects. My skin for the past year has been really good but I noticed some acne has returned and it returns all those feelings of everyone staring at my skin. Which is lovely since I have one huge, inflamed pimple on my chin so I get to deal with that for the next few days. The acne is definitely not the consistent cheek spots but occasionally I have gotten a pretty big pimple- I think that is just normal. Hopefully the accutane starts really kicking in for you : ) And for me I didn't really notice people's skin until I got more severe acne and I definitely learned never to judge someone by their skin, wish more people would do that. Good luck!! : ) Accutane is tough but it should work in the end! And if you want a natural sleep aid Melatonin which you can get a health food store works pretty decently.

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I really hope that you get clear soon lovely! Maybe we will be clear together :) we're so close in our treatment! Ps. At least when we are clear we will look for inner beauty and not just what we see on the outside. Character building!!

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I really hope that you get clear soon lovely! Maybe we will be clear together smile.png we're so close in our treatment! Ps. At least when we are clear we will look for inner beauty and not just what we see on the outside. Character building!!

Thanks love! =) I hope so too. Yes very much so, that has been one benefit to having acne it gave me more wisdom, to look beyond the cover. I totally agree with you.

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Not sure if you're up for trying a new product (everyone's skin is different) but I had pretty bad scarring then started using the kora organics rose hip oil at night on my face and every morning I wake up less scarred than the night before :) it has other oils in it as well as rose hip oil which I think are the reason it works because I've used Ross hip oil before and gotten no results. Just thought I'd share because I'm pretty excited haha! Hope you have a good break out free day x

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No i'm desperate to try anything that might work lol my scarring is really harsh looking. So thank you for that! Kora organics rose hip oil , where do I buy it at?

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Lol your stalker story was so cute! I loved it! If he can't overlook some acne he's not worth it! (:

its funny, he actually came back after that into my store.. Yep. Lol He tried to make conversation with me again but I was sorta over it as I said before.

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Lol ur really funny love at first pimple , I get it tho I KNOW sometimes my Boyf is looking at me thinking yuck because I do it myself!, but I do however think this guy cud of reacted the way he did for a whole load of differnt reasons ie. he now has a girlfriend (or he had one to begin with!) don't be so sure it's the acne sometimes ppl will look at me and ill be convincind ther looking at my spots n then turns out I stood in sum tissue or something lol xx

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