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1 Year Post Claravis



So it has been one year since I started Claravis. After 6 months I started to get some acne back and I freaked out a little. However the acne wasn't the same inflamed, infected stuff I used to get. I have adjusted back to my normal skin where I get some mild breakouts here and there and a few big pimples occasionally, like right now where I have a big one forming on my chin but that's it. It is hard readjusting after going from bad skin to perfect skin to now normal skin. I do not regret claravis. At the end of the day even with a big pimple my skin is still pretty clear. I use a 5% benzyl peroxide wash morning and night. I still use moisturizer and aquaphor a lot. If any questions feel free I will be on more : ) And I will put up recent pics.


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Congratulations! I hope I have the same success. Are you using the Aquaphor because you are still dealing with dry lips from the Claravis?

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My lips stayed dry for awhile after. Right now it is a lot better. I think I am just more addicted to using the stuff then it being very dry. Though after a few hours I still need to reapply some type of balm because they feel begin to feel dry like on claravis. It is a lot better but still a mild dryness after a few hours.

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