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Life Gave Me Lemons. (And Acne)

annie ell


Its now coming up to eleven years of having acne. Yesterday, I went to my room, curled up in my duvet and cried for two hours. I'm not sure why, it didn't make me feel any better, but I felt so miserable I didn't know what else to do. I was too unhappy to speak to my family, to text my friends, to even read a book. I lay there and, although I've cried so many times over acne since I first got it at six, I've never felt so miserable. I give up and quite frankly, there's nothing I want to do other than never leave my house again.

Life gives everyone lemons now and then, if only it didn't have to give them acne too.


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I love you.

I been there.

I remember going to a clinic that had prescribed me Doxy that the bacteria got immuned to in my body at the time, I thought since they prescribed that antibiotic they could prescribe me another but the doc there had no idea what to do with me, he had no experience with acne. All he did was tell me to go to a Derm that I couldn't afford and I had to pay for him to tell me absolutely nothing that day. I told him to put me on Mino but he woudn't.

I remember getting in my car and sitting there crying my eyes out. Frustrated.

It gets tough but there are treatments out there. youll find yours.

right now you're just going through that enough period.

stay strong my fellow friend, remember as corny as it sounds we're all in this together .

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Acne is awful. I hate everyday I have to deal with it. Smiling makes things better. I know it's tough and I break down from time to time. We have to stay strong though. I've tried every topical and every antibiotic. Even antibiotics people had never heard of. After 7 years of this I'm about to start accutane. It might not be the answer for me but nothing else to this point has been. The side effects could be bad but at this juncture in my life I'm willing to take the risk. Don't give up though. No matter what. Some people might judge you. Some people might make fun of you. But people like me, who have dealt with it for so long, we care about you. There is always hope. I know we can do this! Message me anytime. I frequent this site daily. Remember to smile!

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I cannot thank you all enough. your comments meant so much to me and gave me hope. I always feel alone, but reading them really made me realise I'm not. I hope all of you beat acne and lead the lovely lives you deserve. thank you x

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