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5Th Day Today



So today marks my 5th day of being accutane and it was one of the most difficult scripts to get my hands on ever! But, I got it finally! My derm suggested it my last visit to her in October because I've literally tried EVERYTHING and at 22 years old, I shouldn't be dealing with this still. My skin in highschool was great with occassional pimples which I would take hands down now over my skin. College it was back and forth due to certain birth controls messing with my hormones and within the last six months I had at least three pimples everyday and some cystic flare ups. I'm a chronic picker (I know, I know) and had reached my wits end. After the derm's suggestion, I was almost relieved as well as nervous from all the horror stories which in turn leads me to THIS BLOG!

I can already tell a difference in my skin... Much more sensitive and if i try to pop anything, it stays swollen for a really long time and turns superrr red. I'm trying to only pop if necessary, but as I said, chronic picker. So I have the biggest cyst on my right cheek right in my gigantic dimple, pimple by my mouth, and another cyst and a couple pimples on my left side. I'm debating on using pictures in this blog because of how gross I feel, but we will see!

I graduate in two weeks so that's less stress on my part so hopefully that works hand in hand with the medicine... Fingers crossed that my IB won't be too bad.