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Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment

Liam Foster


So i have just recently purchased Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment after reading some good reviews on it. It is a facewash and a exfoliator! Not sure if it will clear me up, but atm, i just need something to soothe my face, and i dont currently use a facewash because the last one i used didnt work at all. I am also going to try a month on Niacin/Nicotanimide (Vitamin B3) after doing some research on that. I want to go on accutane but i just cant face my insides being destroyed! It totally destroys your liver and i dont want that! And apparently your acne comes back after using it so what do you do then!? Lets see if this facewash makes a difference along with these vitamin pills


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It's great that you are trying alternatives to accutane. Just remember that not everyone has a horrendous experience on the drug - it may very well work for you but you are smart in trying non invasive methods first

Good Luck!

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Yeah, i mean im at my wits end with my acne now, its just getting worse and worse and i cant stop it. Ive tried everything and thats why i was thinking about asking t go on accutane. However the effects of it scare me! So i want to just try this method, using this wash and trying vitamin b3 and see if i see anything at all! If not, then i have no other alternative but to go on accutane :(

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I have tried zinc and primrose, doesnt have any effect on me im afraid. Never heard of the other topical though

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