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Over 2 Months On Accutane



I'm on week 9 and my skin is clearing. I am just going to do a few paragraphs on key information that has been relevant to my course. My derm has said twice that my reaction has been one of the best she has seen, especially considering how inflamed it was so bare this in mind - that I was lucky.

First, I would like to say that I broke out EVERY TIME my medication was altered at all. When i stopped antibiotics, when i stopped prednisolone and both times i upped my dose by 5mg. Im on 40mg right now and i weigh 64kg. I would break out for 3 days or so. Maybe 5 lesions or so and always on the same side I believe (basically). Hard to remember how much.

I have experienced very minimal skin dryness. I moisturise twice a day on my face and it looks moist not dry. My lips are as good as I want them. If i cba to put blistex on them then they start to dry, but can get them to just below average after a day. I moisturise my body once a day and I am above average in softness.

I doubt many accutane users will consume much more alcohol than me. I have used illicit substances and have noticed no problems. Just drink as often as you have to. I dont drink that regularly but I will never feel inclined to drink less for fear of hurting my body. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS THOUGH.

I have washed my hair maybe 2-3 times after the initial oily period was over. It is always clean. One plus side... I actually prefer the look of my hair on accutane.

I aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. If i can drink more I do, and if I don't feel any worse. Its just precautionary.

My course has actually been enjoyable besides the start. I am looking forward to continuing it. I dont have to worry about my skin breaking out ever.


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