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Advise On Taking Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

annie ell


After a real bad breakout, I researched more and more for something which would help until I found Pantothen. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the brand but I read that Pantothenic Acid capsules work just as well. If you're thinking about taking B5, maybe give this a read first.

Pros: Cleared skin within a week, keeps spots and breakouts at bay, reduces spots quickly, slightly improves complexion, any annoying under the skin threatening spots do not emerge. Made me feel a lot happier and confident!

Cons: Made my hair fall out. Made it dull, brittle and dry. Expensive.

Recommend? Definitely. This product was the best I have used since Roaccutane! However, if opting to 'mega-dose' please be sensible and do not take it for as prolonged period as I did, I don't want you to have the stress of hair loss which I am now experiencing!

(note: I'm really sorry if I got the next bit wrong, its just what I researched! If you could comment any mistakes so I could correct it, it'd be really helpful (: )

About: Coenzyme - A helps to break down excess oils in your skin. It is made of two molecules called Adenine Triphosphate and Pantothenic Acid. We already have an abundance of Adenine Triphosphate so when you take Pantothenic Acid, it bonds with the Adenine Triphosphate, creating more Coenzyme - A which helps battle spots.

What I did: Reading about taking B5 online, I did not take the 'mega-dose' as some people suggested (8-10 tablets a day) but 4 tablets a day. Although the bottle recommends 1 a day, this does not exceed your RDA of Pantothenic acid.

I spoke to my doctor about the amount I was taking to check that it was not harmful, and other than her mentioning stomach and digestive problems (due to the oral form of tablet, NB this can occur with any oral medication.)

I do not recommend taking more than 4 a day due to later mentioned reasons. (see warning below)

I took four tablets before I went to bed with plenty of water. I suffered no stomach upsets from taking them without food, however, my advise is begin taking them with food.

If your acne is particularly severe, build up the dosage from 1 a day to 4. Within a week I saw results and the breakout had rapidly cleared. I had not had such good results since taking Roaccutane over three years ago.

WARNING: I had read online that Pantothenic Acid made some people's hair fall out. Unfortunately, I suffered this. Only about a week ago did I really realise how bad my hair was getting. It used to be very thick and shiny and is now dull, thinner and dry. It had been falling out for several weeks now but I assumed it was the season, stress, etc. However, six days ago I discontinued my use of Pantothenic Acid and my hair is already in better condition.

I believe this was due to the mega-dose of pantothenic acid. As Coenzyme-A breaks down oils, it also did this in my scalp reducing the natural oils in my hair and making it brittle and weak.

Therefore I do not recommend taking more than 4 tablets. As soon as you see results, I feel it is best to cut down to three, to two and then to one a day.

Unfortunately, my discontinued use of Pantothenic Acid did cause a few spots to arise, however my hair is slowly becoming a little more healthy, so I am willing to bare this until it is in better condition, before taking one capsule a day.


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