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Derm Visit And New Regimen



Dermatologist appointment went well. I was so glad the appointment finally happened... had to wait forever to get in and I just see my skin getting worse every day. Dermatologist was optimistic, although they probably have to be, right? FYI I practically burst into tears because I am so upset with my acne, and dealing with all of this, and having to talk about it again. The first thing she told me I'm such a beautiful girl, she can't wait to see how great I look without acne. And this is SO dumb, but that really got to me. I never consider myself beautiful because of my acne. My regular doctor prescribed Alesse birth control pills for my acne, with the thought that then I'm covered for birth control too... the dermatologist disagreed and felt a different solution would work better so I'm going to hold off on the pills for now. Glad I didn't start taking the birth control pills because the one I was prescribed isn't even approved for acne treatment (according to the derm).

New regimen


-Sulfur wash


-Amoxicillin pill


-Sulfur wash


-Amoxicillin pill

I'm optimistic about the amoxicillin pill. The derm said that it was her initial thought from the moment she first saw my skin.... she thinks that's going to help a lot. Crossing my fingers. She mentioned accutane if this doesn't work after some time, and although I'm nervous about that, she said it's the ultimate cure for a lot of people. I'm hoping this at least helps a lot, and I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

How do you deal with benzoyl peroxide ruining your clothing? I wouldn't care if it was a PM product so I would just be ruining pajamas, but I have to use Duac in the AM, and on my chest and back which is what I'm worried about. I'll do anything in hopes of improving my condition, but I'd rather not ruin all my clothes...


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