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Dont Wanna Jinx It But..



My skin has been really good lately. Like...basically the day after i went to see the doc it started getting really good.. ya i still have little stuff here and there but i usually bring it upon myself by picking at nothing. Right now the whole forehead is clear, same with the whole right side of my face. The left has about 3 little things near the bottom of my cheek but i'm not complaining. Now that ive posted this im sure i will wake up tomorrow with bad skin lol hope not tho.

Also, a couple days ago i went the first day of my life (well my life since i was about 13) without moisturizing after i washed my face. Although it was not intentional. I was getting ready for an 8am class, and i wasnt fully awake i guess, and i was in a rush. Right after i washed my face i totally forgot to put on moisturizer and i started putting my makeup on then i realized i forgot to moisturize but it as too late, i didnt have the time to start over. I went the whole day and my face didnt feel dry or anything it felt normal... i thought it would get reallyy oily to make up for the lack of lotion but it didnt... very strange. Still, im not going to stop using moisturizer but it was an experience lol.

thats all for now!

ps- i have found a great cleanser that i have really been enjoying. Its aveeno clear complexion daily cream scrub (i think thats what its called) i never like scrubs but this ones not harsh and i like it!


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