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You're Not Alone If...

annie ell


As I've suffered from acne for so long and have now tried almost every acne remedy out there, I understand how badly it sucks to have acne, whether its one spot or hundreds of them.

So, you're not alone if...

- You ever feel completely depressed over you skin. I for one can say when I was younger I spent so many nights sitting in front of my mirror and crying at myself. At my face. But please don't do anything drastic, there are a catalogue of people who are willing to help you from psychologists to counsellors to doctors and dermatologists. There is never an end to hope and many people probably share your feelings. (:

- You ever want to hide your face in a paper bag. Argggghhhh, so many days have I wanted to do this! But they say confidence is the key, and managing to pull yourself out of bed, pull on a smile (even if it is fake) and walk with your shoulders back and chin up can make anyone believe that you're beautiful.

- You have stopped going out because of your skin. Many people have cancelled dates and trips because of a spot or a breakout. If you regret it now, remember what's done is done. Don't let it bring you down, other people probably feel exactly as you have. However, if it gets to the point where you cannot enjoy simple social activities because of your skin, its time to see the GP or Dermatologist and tell them exactly how badly it is affecting you.

- You have tried everything to rid of your acne. Don't give up! I thought I'd tried everything but I'm still discovering more and more products! Scour the internet and anything which you feel may work, give it a go. Sometimes, a risk pays off.

- You feel acne is holding you back. Acne has held me back - and it still does. I sometimes feel shy and unhappy and self-conscious because of my skin. But remember, true friends don't care about your skin, they care about your personality. And if they do care about your skin, well, they're not worth having as a friend.

- You feel completely alone in your suffering of acne. You're not. Just check out this amazing website! So many people suffer frustration and misery from this curse of the skin. If you'd really just like someone to spill the beans to, you can always ring the Samaritans anonymously who are there to talk and comfort 24/7.

I don't know if you can, but feel free to message me too if you ever feel you need a bit of support! xxx

1 Comment

This helped me a lot ... Ever since May my acne has gotten severe and Its completely changed my life sadly.... I've been crying for about the past half hour after I took some of my antibiotics and washed my face because I can't stand the mirror but at the end of reading this I almost have a smile , it's so nice to know im not alone ! Thank you !

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