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annie ell


Quinoderm is a topical cream containing benzyl peroxide which can be applied on spots and breakouts. It can be purchased over the counter of through a GP or Dermatologist.

Pros: Dries out spots.

Cons: I used it too much and got a massive chemical burn from the benzyl peroxide which was very red, sore and painful.

Recommend? No. Accidentally one night before bed I applied too much. It burnt my face at first, but after 10 years I'm used to things burning my face and sometimes find that grinning and bearing it can lead to improvement. However, when I woke up the next morning my face was red and dry from where the benzyl peroxide had burnt my skin. It was horrible! ):

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Quinoderm comes in 5% and 10% but i can only seem to find 10%, which is probably what you used. If this helped your acne you could dilute it with your favourite moisturizer (I like cetaphil) and this will take the percentage of the BP down. So if you use one part BP to one part moisturizer, you get 5% (half this again for 2.5%)

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