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annie ell


One of the products I have used is Sudocrem.

Sudocrem has worked pretty well for me, I use it as a facemask and sleep with it on or dab it on individual spots in the hope that it will clear them up. I'm not sure exactly how it works but in the morning, the spots usually seem reduced.

Although its greasy, don't be alarmed, its designed for very sensitive skin and is moisturising and yet somehow helps to banish the odd breakout.

Pros: Usually keeps threatening breakouts at bay. Reduces the odd nasty spot. Very cheap and effective!

Cons: Very messy. Cannot be worn if out in public or under make up. Will cover all pillow cases, pyjamas and duvets with white smears!

Recommend? Yep, I advise this as its very cheap and definitely showed some improvement. Also makes a wonderful facemask. (: