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Day 94!

Ok so I have lots to update unlike usually. So Ive only had like 2 really really small zits that lasted like 2 days and they were so small you just couldnt see them unless you came really close. I have been trying something new and its actually been working super well. Ive been adding about 3 drops of bio oil to my moisturizer and that bio oil goes a long way. The bio oil makes my skin very soft and it has not been breaking me out at all! My dermatologist appointment is tomorrow and Im sure everything is fine cause I've been trying to eat healthier and I've been excersicing too. I still have alot of red marks on my face but the bio oil will help with that. Lately I've been feeling tired, sore, and crabby and I know its the Accutane. My back always hurts and I just feel like an old person. I only have 3 months left so Ill be okay I think. Right now im basically 100% clear I just have one of those zits that is really tiny but it will be gone by tomorrow for sure. The bio oil says to apply twice a day for 3 months and I will be doing that. My eyes are really dry too and I need to get some lubricating eye drops cause it looks like im stoned all the time. I was getting rashes on my arm before that worried me I was having an allergic reaction but I found out that its just temporary eczema because my skin is so dry. Ive been putting lotion on everyday and I added like 10 drops of bio oil to the lotion bottle (Trader Joes Moisturizing cream with Aloe extra dry formula) and im doing that because its super moisturizing and why not get rid of any small scars or uneven skin tone on my body too? haha. Well thats really all I can think of. Ill update you guys soon! Thanks for reading!


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