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Minocycline 100Mg & Birth Control



So I went to the doctors yesterday and told her I felt like the 50mg twice a day was not doing much. She said she could up the dose to 100mg twice a day and i'm kinda of nervous. I've read alot of thing about antibiotics working then once your off them it stops. I dont wanna get clear skin for a month then have it all come back. I'm also using orthotricyclen (however you spell it) for birth control. My doctor swears that with the two combined it should take away the acne. I'm praying!

I'm also going to start doing a video blog of my face from day 1 on 100mg to day 30

If anyone is going through the same thing or on the same medicine, I would love to hear how it's helping or not helping. Knowledge about this is power! So please help me out!!!