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I haven't typed in my blog in a while and felt it deserved a wee update.

I have stopped using Azelaic acid, I stopped it about a month ago now actually, to be totally honest Im not really sure what it did for me. It did decrease the redness of my acne a little bit and made some of my spots smaller. Now looking back on it though and looking at some pictures of my skin, I notice that the Azelaic Acid actually made me purge. It purged my skin out a hell of alot actually. Weirdly enough it doesn't look as bumpy as it did in September (by looking at a photo from a holiday I went on up North). In the photo I have acne EVERYWHERE but it is also bumpy everywhere...it seems as though the Azelaic acid brought ALOT of my acne to the surface.

I was using tea tree oil at the time I was using the Azelaic Aicd too and I am still using it. Mostly in the mornings though after I have washed my face with water only, or sometimes after I "tone" it with ACV. I dabbled with Lavender oil too, but actually noticed that, although it helped a bit, it was waaaaaay too strong and stingy for my face :/ I don't use that anymore only maybe once in a blue moon.

I started using a clay mask with Bentonite clay, I even started eating it, well drinking it. The clay mask itself made me feel amazing, I used it everyday for one week and then after that week only every third day. It did make my skin not as red, and I enjoyed feeling the pulsating feeling that it did to my face. It started to lose its effect though, so I only use it maybe once or twice a fortnight now. I mixed the clay with AVC and a small part of water.

I then moved onto an aspirin mask. For this I heated about 6 aspirin tablets (64p for 16!) and Fage 0%greek yoghurt, I even threw some honey it sometimes. I used this mask about twice or once a week. I believe it had an exfoliating effect on my skin - the aspirin bits were still a bit hard and as I rubbed it gently into my skin I could feel it exfoliating. After the 20 minutes I would wash it off and my skin would feel so so smooth. However, I almost always had some whiteheads pop up about 12-24 hours after it, so maybe my skin was purging? Im not sure. I only use this sometimes now, if my skin feels alright.

I was still just treating my active acne with tee trea oil (neat) dirung this time, like every single night and morning.

After dabbling with different methods/home-made remedies for my skin, I don't have as much active acne...only mostly during the time of month, well leading up to it and about a week after it. I do infact have marks. I have like these red/pink marks left, mostly on my forhead. I decided to try a retinoid.

Recently, I have been prescribed Differin 0.01%. I have been using differing for about 4 weeks..yes this is my FOURTH week. I have been using it every 2nd day, since it is a bit drying and makes my skin peel a little. Im going to start using it every night now though.

I only use it at night, and in the morning il wash my face with water, first from the shower head and then il fill my sink with water and splash my face with that. I will apply AVC sometimes if my skin feels tight, and always tea tree oil, followed by either Jojoba or Argan oil to moisturise my face.

So thats my routines over the past few months.

I will post another entry, a seperate one about my diet and moods within these months.


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