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Vitamin C, B5, Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Lumixyl + Tretinoin



I put hair oil mistakenly on my face last night! So stupid, I know... It was so thick oil that I washed my face many times, totally 6 times? Then all dead skin on the surface peeled out.

Because my skin looked so raw, I was afraid of applying anything, but I wanted to do something for red scars.

So I applied Vitamin C 20% serum and Vitamin B5 with Hyaluronic acid serum first.

Vitamin C serum gave me super burning sensation, but Hyaluronic acid serum calmed it down. Then I added Lumixyl on red scars. Then I applied tretinoin cream in 30 mins. I didn't apply moisturizer last night.

When I checked my skin in this morning, my pores became smaller, red scars became pink from red, pimples and cysts like were shrinked.

The skin around my chin is little dry, but my skin became much much better!

Week 6 will start from tomorrow, and I have a bright hope now.

I hope I won't have any new pimples and cysts.

For my diet, I don't eat any meats, eggs, dairy, and oily food. It seems to help my skin condition.