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Accutane Day 39



DAY 39: the cyst under my eye came back and he brought a friend! :( two cysts under my right eye and they're just there for all the world to see. one of them came to a head, but doesn't seem to be going down. theres about five zit things on my forehead. i guess im not done with the IB. wahhhhhh!!! i haven't washed my hair in almost two weeks! gross? its so dry and my hair isnt even oily!! surprisingly enough, it doesn't smell bad. TMI? anyway, here is what i have been experiencing:

chapped lips

breaking out

dry eyes (my boyfriend visited me at work and told me my eyes were so blood shot, so he bought me some rewetting drops.)

dry hair and scalp

my cuticles have disappeared

headaches almost every single day

cant think of any more right now



Hey girl, that really sucks about the IB :( hang in there, a lot of people don't start to clear up until the second or third month. As far as the hair goes, I've read that jojoba oil works pretty well. It's not like other oils, it's pretty easy to wash out and your hair doesn't get all sticky. You can start with a little bit on the roots/scalp and then just comb it into the rest of your hair. My scalp's pretty itchy, but I think that's mostly because I'm allergic to the conditioner I was using : / I would have thought it was the Accutane if it hadn't been for a rash I got behind the ears. I had to stop, obviously. So now I just rinse my hair in the shower and shampoo every couple of days.

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inndem thanks!! i have two bottles of jojobo oil (great for massages) so ill try that tonight. the flakiness isnt as bad as it was during the first month. ya, this IB is awful. im trying not to let it get to me, but they're so painful and angry!!! im hoping they will dry up and flatten before the weekend. that sucks about your conditioner! great way to find out you're allergic to something.. not!!! anyway, i hope your course is going well.. :)

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Hey, I wanted to let you know that I just did an experiment and mixed some sunflower oil with an equal amount of my shampoo in the shower and washed my hair with that. Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic, so no worries there. I dried my hair as I normally would (with a towel). In the shower and right after drying my hair off I could feel the oil in my hair, but now that my hair has dried completely, it doesn't feel greasy at all! It's just really soft and it looks AMAZING, like cover girl hair amazing biggrin.png and it's super easy to comb, too.

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inndem hahaha i'm totally going to buy sunflower oil tonight! i bought some olive oil shampoo for black hair and have been using that every other week and might be too oily for my hair. cant wait to have cover girl hair! ;)

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