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What To Do With Black Heads?



Today was the first day of hunting season in PA and while all of my friends were out worrying about if they were gonna catch a buck or not, I was inside worrying bout my pores. Its day 4 of my accutane journey. I found out the insurance wont cover my pills so its now $700 per month. Does this seem about right? Im thinking this will be my first and only month :/ But thats not what im worried about at the moment...

I have mild acne but a TON of blackheads, its discusting, and its what im most excited about getting rid of. Ive been looking at a lot of forums and theyre all giving me mixed opinions about accutane actually getting rid of them and diminishing pores.

So I have a question for you guys who are on, or have taken accutane before. Did it get rid of your black heads? About when? a month in or so? Did they fall out, did you exfoliate them all off, or did you wake up with them gone? Please share your stories! Im very anxious and looking for a little reassurance!

In ther news, day 4, still havent noticed any change, i broke out a teeny bit more on my forehead but im thinking its because I am no longer putting on my alcohol and topical cream at night.

Good luck to everyone!(:

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yes, $700 a month sounds right. i am on 60mg/day and pay $758.20 a month =( =( sucks, but totally worth it.

i didn't have a lot of blackheads when i started, mainly just some on my nose. those pushed out on their own probably a month in? it was weird, one day i just got out of the shower and leaned into the mirror to do my inspection and all these little plugs were sticking out. so i took my towel and just rubbed off what i could, and tweezed the rest out. i had one little blackhead on my forehead that's been there forever. usually i would dig that sucker out, but i left it. and today it came out on its own. i was very happy =)

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