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Day 48 *pictures Inside



I had only started taking photos at day 7 (because before that I didn't look at myself without makeup on) so I have included the pics from day 7 & from today. I have been having a really great experience so far. I'm only on 20 mg still (I see my derm in 2 hours to up my dosage) but I only have one active pimple :) it's quite large though you can see it in the photo. Other than that my skin is smooth and just scarred.

I have had more dryness, my arms last night after I showered were the dryest I've ever seen. But moisturizer easily took care of if. Other than that though no new side effects. No nosebleeds, no big breakouts, nothing, :)

I finish week 7 tomorrow and on to week 8 :) time is flying

Hope you like the photos



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Awesome pictures, your skin looks really good, despite they minor color differences in a few places.

It's truly amazing that our skin can change like this! Those pictures are more inspiration for my acne struggle. Thanks, and good luck in the future!!

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Amazing progress! Accutane can work fast or slow so i am excited that 7 weeks in your skin is doing sooo well!!

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