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Caveman / Water-Only Update 6



I've been feeling kinda down about my skin lately. I started picking at my face (little clogs or whiteheads) and the results of said picking are quite visible on my face. I have 5 tiny picked-at scabs on my chin and I picked at a small zit on my outer cheek this morning. I had also used my Clinique makeup remover on my brows last week when I tried brow filler for the first time in years, and I wound up with clogs and tiny pustules there that are now pretty well gone except for one scab (sticking to just water for removal of the powder now when I use it).

Although I'm feeling down, I realize that it's NOT even close to being like it was when it was at its worst. because other than those scabs (which are really small in shape, thankfully) my skin's not too bad. If I didn't still have red marks I'd probably actually be less down about my skin.

But for some more specific updates:

1) I have significantly less clogging, especially on my chin. the ones on my forehead are also smaller and less numerous - I suspect that by the end of December they could be gone entirely.

2) My red marks have also faded it seems!

3) I am still experimenting with how to use the washcloth, but I THINK I found a method that allows for my face to have minimal to no flaking, no serious excess oil, and not beet red afterwards -- splash my face once or twice, then take a wet washcloth (wrung out but not entirely) and quickly but with pressure scrub over my WHOLE face before the splashed water has time to evaporate, then spend more time on the individual areas still with pressure, then rinse and pat dry. I'm not sure if this is what I will stick to or if the first rinse is necessary or if it's just about making sure the towel is wet enough.

4) My skin texture regarding scarring looks much smoother, especially on my cheeks where it was the most prominent.

5) As far as zits, I have maybe 2 of them. I feel like part of that issue is my skin adjusting to the washcloth method and the other part was with that makeup remover, and then picking of course. And possibly lotion residue getting on my face, but I'm not sure.

So while my skin's not looking as good as I'd like it to be I have to put some of the blame on my own actions, and hopefully my current issues will be resolved in time and I will feel better about my skin again.


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