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"you're Orange Enough"...



The last thing anyone should do to an acne sufferer is point out their flaws. Its embarrassing and whether you were joking or not, it can really tear down a persons self-esteem. Since on accutane ive been using a tinted moisturizer. I know its not what the derms recommend but it helps smooth out my complexion a little, without using any makeup. However, I have had the tinted moisturizer since summer when i had a nice tan glowly complexion, and now that its winter, you can only imagine that on my pale, peeling face, it looks as if i got gang banged by a bunch or orange highlighters.

After church this morning, I went to "Life Teen" Which is where a group of high schoolers and some adults eat pizza and create fun activities to learn about God and such. It just so happened that in the activity of the day, I got paired up with my ex boyfriend of 8 months. He wouldnt leave me alone all morning, so I leaned my head down and kept to myself. Our leaders passed out some paper and markers for our next activity thing, and I grabbed the orange marker, because its my favorite color. Well since I refused to socialize or partake in the questions (partly due to my inability to make eye contact with anyone) I finished my craft very early. and for WHATEVER REASON. I decided to color my whole hand orange.

My ex looked at me and laughed, "What are you doing!? Hahaha you're orange enough!"

lol wut.

I honestly didnt even know what to say. Did the moisturizer look that bad? Why didnt anyone tell me? Does he not get why im wearing it? He quickly followed his remark with a "lol just kiddingggg!"

NO IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY. Like you obviously said it for a reason. It hurts so much when someone points out your flaws, even if theyre just joking around, its something that really bothers me (as im sure many of you can relate) I wanted to cry sooo bad, totally ruined my day.

On a side note, day 3 of my accutane journey, nothing different to report yet, except my recent decline in happiness and confidence. I just gotta keep my head up, its been 3 years, I can handle another 5 months.

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Girlll!! He may be laughing now but he ant going to be laughing when your skin clears up and you look AMAZING. No, he won't be laughing then he will be sadly regretting ever losing you. MOST guys are sadly too superficial to ever see the real person behind, so when the real you shows, oh sadly mistaken he will be rightfully so! So forget him. I can't wait for an updated blog about when that happens! =) Keep your head up.

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