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Is Primrose Oil The Cure To Acne?



maybe. the main component of primrose oil is linoleic acid. look up the studies that have been done on linoleic and acne. type linoleic acid ncbi in google and you should find it. what it has done is lower sebum production by 50% over one month as well as decrease size of microderms (basically the little oil things in pores) by 25% over a 1 month period. It was recomended for acne treatment but big pharma cant sell it to you.

They also did a study on the difference of the skin between people with acne and people without acne. People with acne were mostly found to have a relative deficiency of linoleic acid in their cells. So the solution is? take primrose oil and also apply to your skin topically and you should see results in 1 month. it also has shown to improve hyperpigmentation. i cant say this will cure everyone's acne. it hasnt even cured mine yet but im willing to take the shot with all the scientific research backing up what it does. It also has next to no side effects and comes from a flower. please post back if you have used this before or if you are currently using it and say your results.

Note: I originally took 1,000 mg a day and didnt see a result. Once i upped it to 3,000 my back and chest acne disapeared and my face acne extremely decreased within a few days.

and dont listen to the naysayers


Ive started taking it 10 days ago, 2000mg / day. But I haven't used it topically yet, since I've been on tretinoin.

Because my acne seems to be related to hormonal balance / period, Ive been taking it.

Hopefully it will change my acne, like yours.

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I take 2,000mg a day and it really regulates my moods, but does nothing for my acne. I do understand that you're suggesting topical use though.

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Just starting the acid treatment tomorrow. Can't use it externally, as I have an autoimmune disorder that gets very bad if I put anything on my skin that has an oily texture. It's ridiculously picky.

Will update if only internal treatment is enough.

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