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Day 69 Accutane.



Well I have not really had much changes in my skin, it is still better then it has been no large scaring ones on my back, and all the bumps I had on my forehead for yrs that did nothing finally came to a little black head or just a sore bump that went away. My skin is dry but not unbearable. I am still using all the same products. Things that I have noticed since my last post.

My eyes are getting worse for dryness, really annoying actually, they feel tired ALL the time. (but I also know I am not drinking as much water as I should be).

My hair has lost it's beautiful shine, (tear), it is really dry. Not breaking dry but I probably wouldn't have to wash it for a whole week if I didn't want to. So I still leave it for as long as possible and then when I have time I soak it in jojoba oil. Hoping to help it out.

The last thing that I actually am going to talk to the Dr. about next time, my body aches are almost unbearable. My shoulders are so sore they hurt to lie on. I went to play volleyball the other night, which I have done for my whole life and my shoulders hurt so bad I couldn't even do anything, like the muscle was really weak. My feet are also really hurting. I am not sure if this has anything to do with accutane, but I have never had shoulder problems in my live.

other then those I am still looking forward to the end result! I hope every one else is having luck with Accutane.