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Black Soap Vs. Baking Soda For Blackheads?



Yes, getting rid of acne has been a breeze for me, but what hasn't been so easy to get rid of have been my blackheads. I have a lot on my nose and some around it and on my chin. I also have some on my forehead. My cheeks are clear though. (phew) Now that acne isn't such a pain anymore, my blackheads have become far more noticeable!! So, I did some research. Apparently black soap for blackheads seems to work! African Black Soap. But does it really? Is it as gentle and effective as everyone says it is? And what about baking soda? Is it just as good for blackheads? I have sensitive skin so I don't want it to cause flakiness and redness. Does anyone have anything to say about these two methods? And if not, do you have a more effective method for ridding yourself of blackheads? (I'd prefer at-home and natural remedies. I'm not that big on buying treatments that don't work). I need your help!



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